Where will my personal message go?

Hand written on a Mrs Bell’s Brownies postcard, and placed on top of the tin of brownies. For the letterbox friendly tins it will be written on a little tag that is attached to the fabric bag. Please be aware these are hand written notes and there isn’t a huge amount of space, so try to keep the message a reasonable length!

The delivery address on my email confirmation is the same as my billing address, but I inputted a different address, what’s going on?

Ah, I would guess you paid by PayPal? Annoyingly PayPal sends out emails with the billing and delivery address the same, no matter what you typed into your original order. Luckily my system overrides this. Hurrah!

I have locked myself out of my account, can you unlock it?

Afraid not, sorry! Best thing to do is checkout as a guest instead.

Do you deliver internationally?

At the moment we don’t. Why? Mrs Bell’s Brownies are made without any preservatives so sending them long haul to Australia would be a bit much for them. They have been sent to some non UK countries. You can email me for a quote if you wish as any extra postage would need to be added to the total.

Where are my brownies?

If you have not received your brownies please can you check with your neighbours that they have not taken delivery of them (sometimes Royal Mail don’t leave a calling card when they do this). Please also take a look under your door mat and check with anyone else in the house that they haven’t found a calling card. Lastly, (and annoyingly), please check behind gates or bins too. Whilst your brownies should be delivered into your hand (at your door or through collecting at your post office) they sometimes are left in a safe place. Please be aware that during these unusual times the pandemic has had a huge impact on postal times. 1st class Royal Mail post is taking between one and at least 7 working days.

If you have ordered for a friend and there is any chance they may not take delivery please can you let them know a gift is on the way? There has been more than one occasion where people have refused a delivery because they didn’t order the brownies themselves or have not collected them from the sorting office. Thank you!

Why don’t you sell tins of 6 brownies?

Tins of 6 brownies are something I only offer for the monthly Mrs Bell’s Brownie Club and then for special occasions such as Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter, Mother’s Day etc. Why? To be frank, because they are not hugely profitable and there’s only one of me. I have to limit how much time I spend on this size of tin. They are available for bespoke orders where you are ordering a minimum of 12 tins. Email me if this is something you are interested in.

Can I commission a tin of bespoke flavours?

For one tin of 12 I am afraid not. I bake in trays of 24, so to sell a tin chosen by you, I would have huge amounts of wastage. If you want to order a tin of bespoke flavours the minimum order number is 12 tins x 12 brownies. There are lots of brownie bakers who do offer this though, so might be better to contact them.

Can I pick up from your address?

Sorry, this isn’t possible, even if you live nearby.

Why don’t you do the single flavours anymore? I want a tin of 12 salted caramel.

I am the only person who works in my business and at the moment simply don’t have the capacity to offer whole tins of individual flavours. I am trying to please everyone by offering a classic tin and a ‘lockdown mix’ which is an ever changing selection of flavours. If you don’t like the ones on offer, check back again on another day, as they change all the time. If there’s only one you don’t like perhaps you could gift these to someone else. There’s a lot of joy from giving away treats!

How many brownies are in a tin?

Twelve brownies are in the larger tin and six in the smaller monthly Mrs Bell’s Brownie Club subscription. One brownie is in the letterbox friendly tin.

How large are the brownies?

Each classic brownie is approximately 5cm by 5cm by 2cm. The other flavours are a little deeper – between 2 – 3cm.

How much do the brownies weigh?

It depends on what you choose.

  • Classic: 12 weigh approximately 700g
  • All other flavours, 12 weigh a minimum of 800g.

When you order 12 brownies (or blondies!) you will always receive well over half a kilo of brownies, whatever flavour you choose.

I have a gift voucher – how do I redeem it?

Email me – holly at mrs bells brownies dot com, with the number of your gift voucher, the person who gave it to you and your address. Then I will get back to you on posting dates.

How are the brownies packaged?

When ordering a large tin (12 brownies ) or Mrs Bell’s Brownies are individually hand cut, wrapped in baking paper and then wrapped again in a layer of tissue paper. They’re then placed in a tin box along with a little card, and if you wish, a hand written personal message. The tin features illustrated stickers and is held closed with tied twine. The tin is packaged into a cardboard postage box using more tissue paper to keep it secure.

For the smaller tin of 6 the tissue paper is not required and the cardboard packaging is a ‘book wrap’, which you may be familiar with as Amazon use these a lot.

Can I re-use the tin?

Absolutely! And we really hope you do. The tin is perfect for storing all sorts of things in it. We even use one for growing cress in! The stickers though are not water proof so please don’t scrub your tin! If it gets grubby give it a wipe instead.

Can I buy the brownies without the tin? (Or the tin without the brownies?)

In short, no. We package the brownies in the tins so that they reach you in perfect condition. We are not able to take receipt of empty tins for refilling. Please note the tin is supplied to keep the brownies in perfect condition, so if it does sadly get bashed about by our friends at Royal Mail, we cannot be responsible for this and are not able to supply another tin as a replacement. The tin is, in short, there to protect the brownies.

What are the packaging dimensions?

The postal box for 12 is approximately 20cm x 15cm x 10cm. For the 6 brownie tin is it about 20cm x 15cm x 4cm.

How long will my brownies keep for?

The brownies will keep for 2 weeks in the fridge, 1 week at room temperature or 3 months in the freezer. (Defrost before serving, still wrapped, at room temperature). Please make sure you keep them well wrapped or they will dry out. Have a look on the underside of the tin for the best before date and also a full list of ingredients including allergens.

How do you suggest the brownies are served?

Well, there are so many possibilities! Firstly if you are keeping the brownies in the fridge, let them come to room temperature. The flavours are more intense this way.

All the brownies are delicious just as they are, maybe with a cup of tea or coffee too. They’re also great for pudding with a few extras. Why not try?

  • A classic slightly warmed (in the oven or microwave) with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a few fresh strawberries or raspberries.
  • Serve the all American peanut butter and strawberry jam brownies with a peanut butter and chocolate milkshake.
  • Our salted caramel brownie is so decadent and grown up it’s perfect for entertaining. Serve with parfait, a shard of brazil nut brittle and more salted caramel sauce.
  • Lotus biscuit brownies are perfect for when you can’t decide between a cake and biscuit. They’re great with a cup of tea and also a delicious addition to ice cream. Cut the brownies up into small pieces and mix into slightly softened vanilla ice cream.
  • Our triple chocolate brownies were created with the ultimate chocolate fix in mind. Try cutting into four cubes and using to dip into chocolate fondue.
  • Our Double Decker brownies are not just popular with children; adults seem to love them too. We serve them with chocolate liqueur after dinner along with miniature Double Decker bites.
  • Our festive flavoured brownies are much enjoyed by Father Christmas with a little nip of brandy.

Do you make gluten free or vegan brownies?

I do regularly offer tins of 12 classic brownies made with gluten free ingredients, however they are baked in a kitchen where gluten is used. I also offer this brownie variety as a letterbox tin.

Currently I don’t sell vegan brownies as I’ve not come across a recipe I’m happy with. However there are lots of brownie makers online who specialise with baking vegan treats. Probably best to go to the experts. For the Brownies, Bits and Bobs Boxes I have delicious vegan Gnaw chocolate as an option instead of one of my brownies. It is very good!

Who took the photos and styled the pictures for Mrs Bell’s Brownies?

The photos were taken by Scott Choucino (https://www.scottchoucino.com/ ), and the food styling and props of the main flavours were by Sophie at ( https://blackvelvetstyling.com/ ) who is a good friend. She even hand made the beautiful green board the tin was shot on. They are both available for hire throughout the UK and are very nice indeed. The festive photos were styled by me!

Will the recipient have to sign for their brownies?


Will the brownies fit through the door?

Neither the larger or smaller tin will fit through the post box. The letterbox friendly tins will fit through most standard letterboxes.

Will there be an invoice/receipt included in the package?

So many of our brownies are bought as gifts that we do not include an invoice/receipt.